Welcome to Sober Female.  I am a sober mother and wife trying to find balance amist the chaos of raising two beautiful daughters while having a very loud mind and keeping us all grounded at the same time.  I have a passion for many things, photography, cooking, blogging, surfing, traveling, boating, eating, playing, yoga, animals, the mountains, the beach, my family and friends, positive people, recovery, helping others, but most of all for being “real”.

On this site you will not find perfect posts about how wonderful life is there may be days like that but mostly I am a sober mom trying to maintain good sobriety amist a world where we are constantly told don’t feel, take a pill, have a drink, get on facebook and scroll, use pinterest to waste time, don’t “be still” or maybe you will encounter some tough stuff about yourself that uuuttooo drum roll….. you may actually have to change.

I have had years of amazing sobriety and years like the last few where at times I longed for a glass of wine or an ice cold corona just to relax.  Just because I can’t drink doesn’t mean I don’t still want to but I remind myself constantly why I can’t.  Recovery is a spiritual journey.  My recovery encompasses-God, diet, exercise, sleep, service, meditation and carrying the message.  Often times people think I am too open and honest about my sobriety but if I am hiding behind the shadows then why be sober.  I want people to know that despite there being hard times I still trudge through why? Because at the end of the day I owe myself, husband and children the best possible mom and wife.  I owe myself a life of experiencing all the good, bad and ugly sober because for my first 20 years on this earth there was a haze covering everything I did.  It was either through buzzed glasses or hungover ones.  I had regret and sadness, which sometimes in recovery I still do, the difference today is I can change that feeling by taking action.


I hope you will add my site to your favorites and come back frequently it will surely be an adventure we can walk together!

Peace and blessings to you and yours,