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One day I woke up

October 1, 2018 becky 0

One day I woke up and said no more will I bite my tongue because I may say something that someone doesn’t like. No more […]

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Protecting yourself

August 10, 2018 becky 1

In the past 7 days I have maybe gotten 2 nights of 4 hours and the rest choppy, broken sleep. When this happens I feel […]

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Sober travel

July 6, 2018 becky 0

I remember the first trip I took sober and boy was that scarey! I was sent on a business trip to Hawaii and I had […]

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Oh the places we can go

June 20, 2018 becky 4

One of the many freedoms of recovery is the ability to go and do anything we want if we are spiritually fit.  However, sometimes our […]

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The newcomer

August 13, 2016 becky 0

I remember my first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous I was scared, ashamed and lost.  I didn’t know what was happening to me and why I […]