Sober travel

I remember the first trip I took sober and boy was that scarey! I was sent on a business trip to Hawaii and I had only been sober about a month. I had so many thoughts, “What if I am nervous and I pick up. What if alcohol is everywhere because of my work convention?” How will I handle it? It turns out I flew out early with a co-worker and told her so I had a safe buddy she was so cool about it and actually shared a story about someone she knew who had quit drinking. Although there was a lot of alcohol and people making stupid decisions I was not one of them. I enjoyed my first large scale concert sober. I watched many co-workers embarrass themselves and some even lost their job. I hit a meeting on Oahu and even did a 15 minute lead. It was such a cool memory that I was given early in my sobriety.

Sometimes our worst fears become our most empowering memories. They challenge us to grow, step outside of that dreaded comfort zone and see the world. I had learned there are meetings all over the world and a sober life was meant to be shared as well as traveled.

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