Oh the places we can go

One of the many freedoms of recovery is the ability to go and do anything we want if we are spiritually fit.  However, sometimes our FEAR of the unknown or past life experiences have told us things that prevent us from experiencing the wonderful world in a sober way today.

Recently, I learned I have spent a lot of time in sort of a comfort zone bubble.  Doing the same trips.. not leaving land.  So the past 2 years I have pushed my comfort zone in many ways.  1st We went on a cruise with the kids.  This was by far a huge step for me leaving land, trusting we’d make it back to the US (I know sounds silly).  Will anyone get sea sick?  Actually, the trip was so great that we went on another one this year!  STOP the negative thinking and replace it with “I Think I can.”


#2 We took the kids to see snow in Michigan.  This may not seem like a big deal to some but I am a bit of a worrier who gets anxious at any type of new situation that may be stressful.  Also, my husband is more of a home body  he is not a fan of flying.  But we did it for the kids!  What we learned is although it was freezing it was sooo fun!  We stayed with old friends of mine that now had kids the same age as ours.  They all immediately became friends.  I loved catching up with my old friend and our souls needed a change of pace and scenery.  Looking out at the beauty of snow is so serene and it filled my cup up.  Sitting drinking hot cocoa while catching up was just as lovely as going out to places.  Sledding was so spontaneous and freeing!

#3 We just booked a trip to Arkansas to go see another old friend.  Each time we do the thing that is uncomfortable for us or we fear we create new patterns in our brains that tell us yeah I did that!  It opens up new experiences and new memories to call on the next time we want to take a risk or step outside of our bubble.  Another key part is ignoring the nay sayers yes there will be some.  “Why would you go there?”  It’s freezing in Michigan this time of year.”  Just ignore them and carry on.


Another good article above on coping with anxiety or FEAR.


  1. I am stretching out of my comfort zone and hosting a foreign exchange student from Spain. I worry that my house won’t be clean enough, food not as delicious as it should be, and much more. However, I am teaching my children the beauty of hospitality and it will be worth it. Thank you for being vulnerable ❤️

  2. Janet is my friend from church. I’d like to follow your blog if it’s ok with you. We have 2 grown daughter, live on a farm and travel the world.

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