HUNGRY-Do not skip meal, always have protein in you-we are sensitive to blood sugar swings

ANGRY-Try to let go of resentments

LONELY-I can get this way especially because I still want to be friends with everyone but God puts who I need in my path

TIRED-Tired is my biggest one the past year I have had a lot of disrupted sleep and it is like a hangover.  It is scarey for someone who no longer drinks to feel like they had a hangover.  So I try a lot of things to manage my sleep even taking sleep assist medications if needed (I take Zquil at times).  Right now  have only gotten a few days of sleep and a few days very bad sleep.  My mind can be very active at night.

Below is a link to a great article with some helpful sleep affirmations/meditations to assist you in getting a restful sleep.



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