Is gluten making you sick

So I haven’t been sleeping well for several months, my brain has been foggy and I have been quite anxious. Along with this has been replaying things in my head too much and just feeling kind of off. A friend went to a holistic female doctor so after going to my DO and them immediately wanting to put me on Rx meds I figured I’d try the alternative route. I have had success with acupuncture, supplements at different times so am open to it. After a very thorough interview and paperwork full of specific questions. The lady I was seeing said I think you are having misfiring of your serotonin and dopamine-“YES! AMen I thought” and then “Once we calm that down we can work on your diet.” Wait I thought I eat well. Smoothies or eggs in the morning, coffee, some sort of lunch and a decent dinner. But on the off nights there are the nachos out that everytime I eat them I feel tired and nauseas. The pizza that wrecks my tummy the once a month I eat it. The candy cravings here and there. Maybe I am eating more gluten and sugar than I realize. So for the past week I have been paying close attention to what I am ingesting. Less coffee and when I drink it what happens …often it makes me thirsty:( Bummer. That sub made you tired. Ahhh ha GLUTEN! I don’t eat much bread but I am noticing more and more when I do my body feels sluggish. So the lady recommended I try to montitor or eliminate gluten and dairy-ugh! I am not very good at completely cutting things out but I can be aware of how it makes me feel and cut back. She started me on an adrenal support called physophydyl serine and GABA. I haven’t felt this good in years. She also reiterated people with anxiety need more b vitamins and magnesium so I have been supplementing there too.

Kelly Brogan, MD – Holistic Women’s Health Psychiatry

As a sober woman who no longer drinks I have to be careful of nutrition as the littlest slip can throw my system out of whack. So if you are looking to recharge or feel healthier mentally and physically try going gluten or dairy free.

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