One day I woke up

One day I woke up and said no more will I bite my tongue because I may say something that someone doesn’t like. No more will I put myself in situations just to be liked that are not authentic to who I am. No longer will I abuse my mental health with replaying past situations or pain that honestly has kept me stuck in a hamster wheel cycle for quite sometime. No longer will I think because you work, I have to. No longer will I forget that God blessed me with the exact house of my dreams because he wanted me to have it. NO longer will I feel guilty for the past. No longer will I doubt my greatness or worth because of what someone says. No longer will I make my kids be like yours. They can be authentic, amazing people who have their own thoughts and personalities they don’t need to “fit in”. I’d rather they stand out. NO longer will I think I am going to wake up to a different family of origin. I got the one I got and since they don’t exactly get together with eachother much I need to create my own healthy image of a family with my husband, girls and friends. I can create those relationships I don’t have through other people and it does not have to be just with my family. No longer will I feel guilty for saying exactly what I wish to say. God gave me a mouth, a spirit and also quite a story to share so it is mine to share. No longer will I get jealous because of what you are doing, deep down I have the most amazing life I have ever had-the opportunity to stay home with my kids, write, cook, clean (if I feel like it) and to give them happy memories that sometimes were not available to me growing up. It is time to rock me!

This quote rocked from Rachel Hollis, my hero!

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