What is fellowship? Time with others, feeling needed, feeling like you can depend on others, feeling like people would miss you if you weren’t around. This past week I had a lot of unplanned fellowship with mom friends, friends of my kids, family, new friends(on the boat), time with old friends and I realized I have been somewhat isolated since I left my job. Let me explain not in the I don’t seen anyone sense but in the I used to see a lot of people in the professional world on a daily basis and now I am mostly with my husband or kids since I left my job. I am an outgoing personality, I love meeting new people, I love having people over for BBQ’s, I love being included, I love including. Yes, there it is I love being an includer. I saw a friend the other day who had dinner with a friend and she said “I didn’t even think about texting you I should have!” LOL in my mind it’s always thinking more is better and let’s send so and so this so maybe they can join. Unfortunately, everyone does not have my brain nor are they always able or even willing to include you.

The program is a fellowship made of men and women who share a common thread. They want to change. They want to be a different person. So even when I want to be included by everyone as long as my meeting people get me for today that is what is most important. God seems to protect me and put me exactly where he thinks I will be safest and grow the most.


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