Let That S*** GO

I don’t curse much especially now that I am a mom. I try very hard to use proper language, manners and etiquette but sometimes when things just seem out of sorts I gotta drop a minor curse word and let out the imperfect side of me.
The past 2 weeks have been exhausting we started the school year peaceful everyone was happy with teachers, etc. then 2 weeks ago we hit some hiccups as I will call them or bumps in the road. I have girls and I remember how hard those adolescent years were. Also, being someone in sobriety I still have those RAW feelings that make me feel like a little girl again. So I did what I could with all of the negativity, feelings, and as a beautiful yoga teacher I know says in her classes “Let that shit go!” We are humans having a spiritual experience and unfortunately not all of us are. We will miscommunicate. We will fall down and say things less than perfect. But the part I do not understand is communication. Our society is becoming immune to direct communication and texting/social media is taking over. I am more of a direct communicator and I like seeing the people I am communicating with. If that’s not possible a phone call is also great. But as I have learned time and time again I cannot control people. We all have our own purpose on this earth and I am so glad I found mine young. My purpose is to be the best mom I can and help others while staying sober! It’s as simple as that!

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