Social Media causing depression

I have an addictive personality and just left my job in February I thought I’ll get to go for walks with people, do crafts, cook, grab coffee, etc. but unfortunately not everyone is free when you are and without a “schedule” life can go haywire. Many people I know work. And with loss of a schedule comes more time to mindlessly scroll the internet. 5 min turn into 10. Then I think why am I even on here I never feel better? Un less I am in pinterest.

I probably check facebook less than most as I do not have the facebook app anymore on my phone and I prefer Instagram but still get some sort of sick gratification from that darn site. It really is anything BUT social! It causes us to wonder if someone is even our friend. Are they seeing our posts? Do they care? Then we see way too much of their lives. I wonder where is the connecting part of this. None of it is a live connection it is all photos and comments. Sometimes I do find out about events but then I wonder maybe I shouldn’t be killing myself knowing about all of the things going on either. So I take breaks, I deactivate my page, I go into hiding. Often no one notices. Another reason to focus on real relationships.

I am worried for my kids generation. They crave this validation through social media and I think it is dangerous.

I really enjoyed and could relate to this article from www.blossomedcherry -ALL of IT!

[Infographic + Video] Social Media Depression is REAL – Here’s 5 Ways to Beat it!

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