The 5 year Plan

I have seen many therapists over the years and I absolutely support and believe in the benefits of therapy. However, I have sometimes seen some who were great and some who I felt weren’t really moving me forward. A few years ago I switched to a wonderful lady. Someone who had been married to someone in recovery whom could help me from both sides of the coin as the therapist as well as the one who had seen and lived with an addictive person for many years. I have seen many therapists who would just listen and not really give me advice so sometimes I felt I was paying them just for their ear. Can anyone else relate? My newest therapist tried EMDR with me and tapping. She also suggested I write a 5 year plan. A what? Yup a 5 year plan to hold myself accountable to my dreams and goals. For the past few years I have felt stagnant, like my energy and dreams are on hold. Don’t get me wrong motherhood is wonderful but I have many goals and things I want to achieve while I am on this earth but I will not achieve them without goals and momentum. So on the 5 year plan are things like 1. Teach yoga 2. Dig into photography more 3. Write a book or continue blogging 4. Get paid to do something I love 4. See a concert with Pink or Carrie Underwood or any group I love etc. you get the idea. So go out there and make a list. People in recovery need accountability and goals. We thrive on feeling good when we scratch things off our list or achieve things we never thought we could. Check out the FREE Smart Goals Worksheet.

This is a great tool to help with your goals

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