Change is the only constant

I have been feeling a lot lately.  One thing I have been surprised at is you never know when friendships will shift.  Some of the ones you haven’t gotten to see much shift forward and grow stronger and some that you may have thought would be around forever leave.  I realized I often put people on pedestals, forgetting they are ultimately just people.  I give and give and often expect the same in return but this is where I get in trouble just because I am an ENFJ who puts friendships at a very high level, loves being around people and supporting them it doesn’t mean others will react that way back.  Even if they used to in the past.

So I have to let go, be raw, vulnerable, uncertain, confused, and let those people go so new ones can come in their place.  Painful as it is many people are not intended to be in our lives forever.  The cool things is it seems God sends me the right people at the right time to show me love, support and friendship right when I need it most but it isn’t always the ones we think would have been there forever.

I am also learning everyone has a different friendship code some see eachother 2 times a year some weekly.  I am more of a regular contact kind of friend or at least text and phone calls if not live chats. Afterall, isn’t that the point of friends? To check-in, be there, give updates, or just have a good laugh?

We can only do what we can though if offered our time numerous times and it is not met with reciprocation of some sort eventually the friendship will die from lack of communication and time.  I do hate it when this happens.  If only I could make other people be who I hoped they would be forever.  LOL that’s not how life works!


  1. This reminds me when I accept change instead of fighting it – I’m in the divine flow of God’s love and able to embrace His blessings that are all around me- I just forget they are there!

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