Creating a life of Balance-eat the oreo?

After I got my chores done and was slowing down this morning I took a bubble bath and got to thinking about an important word in my life. BALANCE. Why is balance so important to me? The dictionary defines balance as “to keep or put something in a steady position so it does not fall”. As someone who lives her life pretty balanced and predictable I thought I’d digest the why behind the importance of this character trait. I need predictability and structure… all humans really do for many different reasons. One so we know what to expect and can adjust our sails accordingly when the surf or waters get choppy. Another so we don’t become lazy or spend all our money on non necessities and junk food or drink ourselves into oblivion. Another so our bodies and minds function as best as possible. And another as the definition says so “We don’t fall.” Balance keeps us safe.

In life when I get up and clean something it creates order. When I make my bed it causes discipline. When I go for a walk it changes my mood and puts me in the present. So yesterday after I had a day of eating out all day I regretted it this morning. Why? Because 4 oreos before bed gives me a morning stomachache. Eating Chik fil A because it was convenient did not give me balance in my gut or diet. So today when I regretted my poor human choice to eat the convenient and unhealthy food I was reminded we all are doing the best we can. I have people who tell me they never think to make a smoothie, who eat out because they hate cooking or its just convenient and then there is me who if I miss yoga or eat wrong a few days I immediately feel the repercussions. I do not beat myself up but I do recognize the pain it creates in me. So for this girl Balance will always be something I strive for, whether I ever truly master it well that depends on how high I set the bar for myself. Afterall, we all deserve an oreo every now and then.

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