Pushing your comfort zone

What is it about our comfort zone that keeps us in a sort of bubble?  When I was younger I did exciting things usually due to the fact that someone was pushing me to do it or to fit in but it was usually numbed or fueled by drinking.  Now when I want to try a new class, or travel in a new way, or consider changing jobs or the one I am currently battling with-moving, a whole slew of emotions swell up.  What if I regret it, what if I miss my old place, what if ….fill in the blank you get the picture.

I have spent a lot of my life trying to get peoples approval or trying to prove to myself I am good and worthy.  Now that I healthier and stronger I know I don’t need other people to like my decisions as they are “my” decisions or my husband and I’s decisions.  My husband and I are moving our family to a lovely home a few streets over.  It will have more room as the kids grow and extra space for the dogs and all of us.  There are so many emotions attached to moving, first it was my kids crawled here, walked here, it was our first home as husband and wife.  But then god gave me a different view-this will be our fresh start, exciting time to paint everything and make another home “our family’s home”.  The dogs and kids will love the big back yard, I will have a bigger kitchen and craft room.  We can host family and friends gatherings and it will ultimately fill our lives with excitement for the next stage.

So we can look at change as good or bad, change can sometimes push us right where god wants us to best do his work!

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