Step away from the crowd

I am learning as I am immersed in my 40’s that I am different. I feel much more yet I am much more compassionate. I need to communicate more yet can listen. I am often too loyal even when treated poorly but I have a moral compass. It takes me a long time to process conflict and I HATE IT! I thought I loved being around many people but lately I’m happier at home with a book, my kids, my dogs and my husband. Growing up is hard and when you are raising little humans sober it is tens times harder re-feeling all of those icky pains from adolescence. Watching your kids pain and trials is like someone stomping on your heart but we do it because we are moms. I am learning it’s ok to speak my truth even if we disagree. I am learning if your energy no longer makes me feel good our time is up. I’ve learned when I truly pray, God listens.

I’ve learned much of the worlds problems could be solved if everyone just sat down and spoke instead of avoided a disagreement. I’ve learned I am an example to my children every single day in many ways even when I think they are not watching, they are. I’ve learned my husband is really the best friend I have if I lean on him he actually surprises me with his gentle responses and love. I’ve learned it’s ok to be me! And I tell my kids all the time God made them perfect little people in his likeness. And if someone is trying to bring their spirit down they don’t have to let them. I’ve also learned most of the answers to my questions lie on page 417 in the big book! ACCEPTANCE I wish the world all practiced this fellowship!


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