Who am I?

I have done some soul searching recently and was reminded by my higher power that writing makes me happy.  Although, I have not been able to make a living at it, I do love blogging and hope to make a difference in someone elses life.

So who am I?  I am a sober mom, just celebrated 13 years by the grace of god. How did that happen?  One day at a time with the fellowship, hard work and GOD!  I am a big advocate of meetings and AA for me and my mind that is what works.  I also love hearing others struggles and how they have overcome them, after all isn’t that what life and recovery is all about?

I have two beautiful daughters, 2 pups and am happily married.  We live near the beach and I find my soul happiest near water or the mountains.

This site will be a mix of sobriety, things I do to stay balanced, hobbies, parenthood etc.

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