FEAR what is it really?

When I first got into recovery I did not realize that most of my drinking was because of fear, fudge everything and run as many people refer to the acronym.  Now I choose Face Everything and Recover a much better option, well most of the time.  A few months ago we were contemplating a cruise with the kids, for weeks before the cruise I was not sleeping good and nervous.  Other peoples comments leading up to the cruise were part of my lack of serenity.  Isn’t it amazing how one person says “oh don’t get the stomach virus” and immediately we think we are all going to get it?  So we got to cruise day, all packed and super excited albeit with a few nerves as well.  The kids were so excited, my youngest was a little cautious.  We got onboard and everything was so easy from boarding to automatically getting an upgrade to kid activities to delicious food and entertainment.  After the 4 days we didn’t want to get off the ship!  So the bottom line, walk thru FEAR everytime that you do you help someone else to do the same.

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