Drop the Rock-an excellent book

I have been restless, irritable and discontent on/off for awhile. I will have a few days of peace, then I don’t sleep well or I have an expectation or I see something on social media that triggers me and then unintentionally I take it out on others. Mainly, my husband the poor guy. The good news is he is a normie who doesn’t think like me and definitely is not an alcoholic.

“The hole in me, the neediness, the hunger, the ache in my life that I tried to fill or stay distracted from by using addictive behavior is actually the perfectly logical result of not knowing and therefore not accepting myself as I am.” Drop the Rock pg. 5

I have been in a transition period. Trying to figure out how to fill my days up since I left my job. Trying to control things and force a job or outcome that is not necessarily God’s will. I was talking to a friend yesterday and she said something like ‘Stop trying so hard just relax, just take it easy. Enjoy this time to pause. You deserve it.” Ha Ha for me and my mind to take it easy that is a feat in itself. But I stopped and thought about that if I am so busy pushing different things and not focusing on what I truly enjoy then I am going to get stuck in a job I don’t want to do again. If I just enjoy this time to dig into writing or cooking or read more I will find the answers because those activities force me to be present. So if you have not read this book, go get it.

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