It’s ok to be you

I struggle with a mind that tells me lies ALOT. Sometimes these lies are about people sometimes they are about myself, sometimes they are about the person I think I have to be. But if I really listen to them they are just FEAR, Insecurity and EVIL. I’ll give you an example I was picking up my kid from a party yesterday and as I was sitting there waiting for it to wrap up my mind goes-so and so are talking and I never get invited to their stuff they must not like me. She is over there talking with someone and it probably is about some cool thing they are going to do. So I go sit on the couch with my youngest because I start feeling completely left out and different because yes I don’t really know most of them. I don’t know most of them except maybe 2 on a deeper level. I really don’t hang out with most they are the moms of kids at school. I’ve tried with some and after a few reachouts realize its not going to happen. Some are 10 years younger than me and we have nothing in common. Some may have grown up here and know everyone. Some may be thinking the exact same thing as me?

So I sat there with my youngest on my lap and thought to myself “feel it, let it go and remember you are enough without the approval of every other person”. The people who see your heart, include you. The people who want to get to know you ask. The people who worry about you call. The people who see a post and think is she ok reach out. It may mean I am not friends with every person at a party because yes I am different I have to protect myself from some people and situations but not all of them. I can still go have fun and enjoy life. So if you think like me, know that you are enough. You were perfectly and wonderfully made and those thoughts really are just that. Let them go and do something that makes you feel centered. When I got home I cooked a great meal and went for a bike ride and felt better. Move a muscle change a thought.


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